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The science of slime

AceraEI brought this activity to Pyne Arts teacher leaders, then all faculty, then all students.

Robotics and microbit engineering

How to implement robotics and microbits in the classroom.

Life sciences: Choreography of matter

Medford Public Schools Superintendent discusses partnering with AceraEI to bring cutting edge science into the classroom.

Case study: Pyne Arts

In-depth look at how AceraEI partnered with Pyne Arts School in Lowell.

Dr. Calum MacRae

Dr. Calum MacRae, Vice Chair of Scientific Innovation/Brigham & Women’s Hospital and One Brave Idea lead, discussed OBI’s partnership with Acera in understanding the earliest stages of heart disease.

Reinventing life sciences

Science teacher Michael Hirsch brings his innovative CRISPR and skin microbiome curricula to public schools across Greater Boston.

Enchanted electronics

Teachers from the Pyne Arts School in Lowell learn how to merge arts and electronics.

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