One Brave
Idea (OBI)

One Brave Idea and Acera: Two innovative projects with K-12 Students

One Brave Idea™ (OBI) is an $85M research and innovation initiative co-founded by the American Heart Association and Verily, with significant support from AstraZeneca, and pillar support from Quest Diagnostics. OBI was established to pursue unconventional scientific approaches in order to make major advances in the fight against coronary heart disease. OBI is led by Dr. Calum MacRae, (Leader, OBI; Vice Chair for Scientific Innovation, Department of Medicine; Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School). Dr. MacRae recognized that learning more about cardiovascular health and wellness in youth was important to OBI and sought out a partnership with the Acera School to facilitate K-12 involvement at scale.

Acera is working on a project with OBI that would excite many middle school students (and educators and their parents): Measures for Health in Schools (MHS). MHS will be run as a pilot at the Acera School and Salem Academy Charter School, and then implemented at at least two Massachusetts public middle schools in a follow-on pilot phase. The intent is to scale these projects across the region and nationally.

Measures for Health in School Curriculum

Wearable Technology

Data Analysis


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