Our programs
and curricula

Today's students want to:

  • Leverage technology as a tool through programming, electronics and digital arts
  • Learn about cutting edge science through hands-on exploration
  • Be designers and innovators
  • Exert choice and voice in their learning
AceraEI offers 50+ STEAM modules you can incorporate into your curriculum
Pilot-tested in our lab school and aligned with Next Generation Science Standards, our hands-on programs help students and teachers thrive. Modules in engineering, computer science, robotics, life sciences, Makerspace learning, design thinking, and social and emotional learning catalyze innovation and promote joyful learning.
"When kids know they are doing something cutting edge, it hooks them into understanding... what is it showing them? What does it mean?"
—Cheryl Harrington, Littleton High School Science Teacher, on Life Sciences curriculum
"I saw kids who were hyper-focused, who were as engaged in their circuitry and art as they were in their content..."
—Wendy Crocker Roberge, Pyne Arts Principal, on Enchanted Electronics
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