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Since the inception of Acera School as a progressive, STEM lab school, a goal was to share best practices and curricula that linked to real world innovations with public schools. Acera believes that schools should catalyze students’ passions, free their potential and inspire a sense of purpose. We believe that early and deep exposure to STEM topics and creative, systems thinking capacity building are the keys to unlock students to be ready for current and future jobs and the challenges of our time. We believe that it is the responsibility of schools to safeguard each student’s spirit, curiosity and innate love of learning, enabling them to be confident and fearless and problem solvers and leaders for their communities.

High school science teachers:

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Creativity & Systems Thinking

At Acera, students utilize free thought and inquiry, resulting in original work or novel approaches to express an idea or solve a problem. We encourage kids to see the whole picture and its parts across social, cultural, societal, scientific, and historical perspectives, and to understand the interconnectedness of forces and actions.

Sciences & Innovation

Students at Acera inquire deeply. They analyze and relate different aspects to each other, breaking things down and recombining them to assess a situation and address a need. Life sciences, technology, and math offer substantive and hands-on runways for kids to investigate real world issues and experiment with solutions. Along the way, students ask questions – and consider answers – in ethical decision making and weighing choices according to values, morals, and a sense of what is right.

Leadership & Emotional Quotient

We believe that students’ internal drive to engage authentically at school is validated when given opportunities to pursue an interest and nourish their curiosity. This creates a runway for them to make contributions that increase their sense of themselves as capable and valuable and enhances their ability to recognize their gifts and challenges. Ultimately, kids are empowered to identify a need, realize a vision for change, and combine the contributions of others to bring it to life.

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