Acera Education Innovation: Supporting STEAM Education and Student Engagement in Public Schools

AceraEI partners with teachers and school/district leaders to cultivate a love of learning in students through choice, voice, agency, and hands-on STEAM learning in public schools. Our vision is for all children and teachers to feel the joy of hands-on engagement, curiosity and creativity, as well as a sense of safety, freedom and respect in their educational experiences. Students are able to flourish as they grow, and are inspired and able to work together to solve the challenges of a changing world. 

Today’s student wants to:

  • Leverage technology as a tool through coding, programing, digital and electronic arts
  • Learn about cutting edge science through hands-on exploration of phenomena
  • Be designers and innovators
  • Have choice and voice in their learning

AceraEI partners with educators and school/district leaders to support this vision through customized and scalable solutions, including tools, curricula, teacher training, consulting services, and program and leadership development.

Join us at our upcoming professional development workshop Creative Coding in the Classroom.

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Why partner with AceraEI?

More than two years of Covid has left students disengaged in their learning and struggling with their mental health. There is an urgent need – identified by parents, teachers and school leadership – to engage students and shift from passive to active learning and offer students the tools they need to manage their own wellbeing. 

We support schools and districts to meet the evolving needs of today’s child. AceraEI offers tools and curricula tested in our lab school for the classroom, trainings and leadership development that is embedded in the school for the long term, and close partnership with school leaders.

Working closely with schools, teachers, and leaders, together we can provide children with high-engagement learning that develops core 21st century capacities – like systems thinking, problem-solving, and creativity – and safeguards each student’s spirit, curiosity and innate love of learning, enabling them to be the best version of themselves.

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