Acera: Spanish, sidewalk, pathway.
EI: Education Innovation.


Your charitable gift helps us continue our mission to transform public education so that every child has access to authentic and joyful STEAM learning.

“This is what our students need. This is the next level of learning and interaction and creativity.”
– Dr. Marice Edouard-Vincent, Superintendent of Medford Public Schools

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We believe every child deserves to experience joy, agency, and authentic engagement in their learning.


We collaborate with educators in public schools to provide free/low-cost innovative programs, including hands-on STEAM modules, mentorship, and resources for professional development.


We support and train school leaders to catalyze change in their own educational communities. 

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Our approach is built around evidence-based pedagogical practices and school cultures that result in student growth, well-being, and authentic engagement.

AceraEI has worked in 81 school districts and six countries, reaching more than 520 teachers and 7,000 students.

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